Kostas Hitas

Welcome to Lifetime Affair Santorini. I am Kostas, Santorini based, wedding and event planner and designer and I am here to help you plan the greatest day of your life in Santorini and beyond.

To give you an unforgettable experience that fits you perfectly, I draw inspiration from trends, art, nature, and people all around the globe.

I have founded my business on one simple concept: I am here to help you express yourself. Whether it is an expression of love like a wedding or an expression of freedom like a summer getaway, I will use every instrument at my disposal to bring your dream to life.

These instruments include beautiful venues, captivating flower arrangements, brilliant light installations, incredible cake decorations, tasteful music, and charming stationery to name a few.

The final result is your own personalised symphony of smells, colours, lights and sounds. I look forward to being your conductor.

Sincerely yours,
Kostas Hitas